Android Gallery Has Stopped Working. A Solution That’s Easy To Fix

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    Hopefully, in the event that Android Gallery stops working on your PC, this user guide can help you fix the problem. The gallery is no more, but it’s probably very good To facilitate its implementation, Google has struggled to communicate its photo surveillance strategy on Android. Depending on your overall Nexus or Google Play Edition process and its operating system, you’ll have a Gallery app, a new Photos app, and sometimes both.

    android gallery stopped working

    The “Sorry, art gallery has stopped” error is one of the most common errors on Android. A number of Android usersd encounter the above error. If you also encountered this error and didn’t resolve this issue, you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you fix “Sorry, the gallery has stopped” error on Android? Just follow these methods correctly.

    Restart Your Best Device

    This is the first method everyone should try before trying any of the main methods. Many people, by connecting in time, only by rebooting their device can solve the problem. To reboot your device:

  • Unlock the screen with devices.
  • Press and hold the power button a until the menu appears.
  • Select Disable. For
  • Please wait while the device turns off.
  • Wait 10 seconds, then press and hold to activate the program again.
  • After that, check if your issue is resolved.
  • Fix “Sorry, The Gallery Has Stopped” Error On Android

    Why has photo gallery stopped working?

    If you are using Windows Photo Gallery on Windows 10, chances are that installing all available Windows updates will surely fix this issue and get rid of the error message that Photo Gallery has stopped working. Hold down the Windows key and press X. Select Control Panel and enter File Explorer Options.

    Note. Before a person tries these methods, be sure to back up all gallery information (videos, photos, etc.).) because you might lose that content. Many users actually lost nothing, while some users deleted their content.

    Method 1: Clear The Cache And Data In The Gallery And Camera Apps

  • Go to “Settings” >> “Go to App Settings” (On devices, some app settings are just called apps).
  • Select All Apps > Gallery Search > Clear Data & Cache.
  • When everything is clear, the next thing to do is to force quit the application.
  • Search for the camera in the same way>> Clear the cache and data and force close the application.
  • Now reboot your device and check if the main error is resolved.
  • Method 2: Clear The Cache And Free Up Disk Space

  • Go to “Settings” >> “Go to Apps Settings” (On many devices, “Apps Settings” is called “Apps”).
  • Select All Programs > Locate Media Storage > Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  • Now reboot your device and consider Whether the error will be fixed normally or not.
  • Method 3: Reset App Settings

  • Go to settings>> Go to application settings (on computers, some application settings are also called applications).
  • Go to Applications, All > Press the menu key/button [On some devices, three dots may appear in the upper right corner of the screen: Go]
  • You will see another chance >> Click Reset Application Settings.
  • A date field will appear >> Read the detailed content and click RESET APPS
  • Now restart your device and see if the situation fixes your error.
  • Alternative Troubleshooting Methods:

    Method 4: Remove Some Items From The SD Card

    Many users have fixed the “Unfortunately, the gallery was interrupted” error by deleting some documents due to the fact that there was a lot of free space. Can you even remove some of them along with videos and photos and check if that solves your problem?Or even not. I hope your mistake will probably be corrected simply by deleting a large number of articles.

    Method 5: Remove SD Card

  • Go to “Settings” >> “Storage” >> Scroll down and select “Eject SD card”.
  • Now everyone can see if the bug has been fixed or not. If you are still getting any error messages, try removing your SD card and see if that fixes your error.
  • If the problem is solved, only your SD card is to blame.
  • More beneficial if you are changing the SD card or the actual event you don’t want to change, then you need to format the SD card.
  • Well, if your distribution is fixed, then the task is completed, otherwise, continue to the next method and complete the step.

    Method 6: Clear The Cache Of The Recovery Mode Partition

  • Turn on your phone incorrectly first >> press volume up to exit and power button to restore mode
    (It depends on the specific phone you are using to successfully enter recovery mode. On a phone, pressing the power button up and down at the right time will get you into recovery mode. Just search for it to see which one works for you. device to enter recovery mode).
  • After that, recovery mode offers many options >> help volume up and down to see you press the screen and the power button to press OK.
  • Select wipe memory cache partition>>Press the power button and it will start clearing the cache.
  • When completed, a message will appear >> Select system reboot and the corresponding device will actually reboot.
  • Fix PC Errors in Minutes

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  • Your device has now cleared the memory cache and you can use the solution as before without any errors. This development may delete save data along with the application.

    android gallery stopped working

    So here are someTools created to fix the “Sorry, the gallery has stopped” error in Android. I hope you have corrected the error. Tell us which method worked for you.

    Why isn’t my gallery working on my phone?

    Go to “Manage” -> “Apps” -> “All apps” -> “Gallery” but open the “Gallery” app and clear it of cache files. And then go to the app drawer and open the gallery. If you see your photos there, your problem is simply solved. If it’s the other way around, try another method.

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