The Best Way To Get Your Laptop Out Of Windows 7 Safe Mode

Recently, several of our readers told us how to get a laptop out of Windows 7 Safe Mode.

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    Use my Windows + R keys to bring up the command prompt.Type “msconfig” and press Enter to display the menu.Select the “Start” tab.Disable the Secure Boot option if selected.Restart this computer.

    Safe Mode is a diagnostic computer configuration mode that gives you limited access to your Windows computer when the Windows plan refuses to start normally and / or you need to troubleshoot certain hardware or software problems.

  • Safe Mode: The default setting to start Windows with only the required drivers and services if they do not start.
  • Safe Mode with Networking: Start Windows with basic drivers and networking.
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt: Windows boots with basic drivers and launches a prompt.
  • Why and when do we ask you to enter Safe Mode or log out of your computer?

    Safe Mode is mainly used to solve specific problems. So, after pop To fix problems with Windows, you must exit Health Mode in order for the computer to function normally.

    Now let’s see exactly how to enter or exit Safe Mode in Windows 7, which consists of two sections.

    1. Section 1: Safe process in Windows 7
    2. Section 2: How to exit Safe Mode in Windows 7

    Section 1. How To Return To Safe Mode From Windows 7

    While there are PCs running Windows 7 and you just want to make sure you enter Safe Mode by default or Solid Mode with Networking, you can enable Secure Boot in your system configuration.

    two. Click on the start menu and sort msconfig in the search box.

    2. Run the resulting help, and the system configuration will be completed.

  • If you want to boot or run Windows 7 with only the default security feature, make sure the Minimum option can be described as selected.
  • If you need to start Windows in safe mode from media, check “Network” as well. Then it will display “Apply” and “OK” to save harmless changes during the boot process.
  • 4. Click Restart when the pop-up message appears.

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  • It snows when restarting Windows 7 in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking. Want to build from Safe Mode? Just turn off Secure Boot again in your system config.

    However, this method does not work locked inside the computer. Therefore, if someone wants to boot Windows 7 from another safe mode using a command or command line, they will not be able to access the Winodws 9 computer. Please follow the other two devices below to access the security feature that will provide everything valid mode parameters.

  • Method 1. Additional download options
  • Method 2. System recovery options
  • Method 1. Additional Boot Options

    Take full advantage of Windows Safe Mode by pressing F8 and you can easily enter Safe Mode in Windows 5 byMore download options.

    1. Start your Windows 7 computer and hold down the F8 key until most users see advanced boot options.

    2. Use the arrow to highlight Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, or Safe Mode with Command Prompt.


    . Press Enter and your company will be able to enter Windows 7 Safe Mode.

    Note. Although the F8 key does not work, you can use Method 2 to put Windows 7 into Safe Mode containing the installation media.

    Method 2: System Recovery Options

    Preparation: Windows 10 installation media or a working system recovery disc

    how to get laptop off safe mode windows 7

    Steps to boot in safe mode in Windows 7 from installation media:

    Plug the media charger into a Windows 7 desktop computer and press any key to turn off the computer, a message is displayed on a gray screen. The Install Windows window will appear.

    Step 2: Launch Command Prompt from System Recovery Options.

    1. Press SetRepair Windows” and “Restore” and select the option for your computer.

    2. “Use validated recovery tools that can help fix problems booting Windows…” recognize Windows 7 as well.

    3. Click “Next” and select “Command Prompt Shortcut” from the “Recovery System Options” menu. Recovery Tools.

    A few steps: accessing the Windows 7 Type Safe command prompt.

  • Safe Mode: Minimal Secure Boot bcdedit /set by default
  • Network in safe mode: with bcdedit / set secure boot network as default
  • Safe mode with command line:
    bcdedit /set safeboot minimal default
    bcdedit /set default safebootalternateshell yes
  • Type any additional commands in the Command Prompt window and press Enter. Then the message “Operation completed successfully” will be displayed very quickly.

    Close Command Prompt and click Restart Device. From here, unless you cancel the above command, Windows will boot up and enter Safe Mode.

    R Section 2: How To Exit Safe Mode In Windows 7

    While you are putting Windows 7 into Safe Mode and troubleshooting Windows, here are 3 ways to enter Safe Mode

    This system will work if you reached the Windows 7 safe state in the same way.

    1. Search for “msconfig” and run System Configuration in Windows 7 Safe Mode.

    2. “Disable secure boot” when using the “Boot” tab in the system configuration dialog.

    how to get laptop off safe mode windows 7

    3. Apply and modify, click OK to restart Windows 7 normally.

    You can exit Windows 7 Safe Mode at any time as described above.

    1. Restart Windows 7 and hold down the F8 key to better see the meaning of the Windows logo. You will be taken to the advanced Windows boot options menu.

    2. Select “Start Windows in normal mode” and the computer will go into safe mode and work normally.

    Method 3: Exit Windows 7 Safe Mode Using Command Prompt

    If you use Windows 7 Safe Mode when you have a command prompt, youyou can easily exit it to get commands.

    Run the following command within the command prompt timeout and the mode will be disabled immediately. Then restart Windows with the usual “shutdown /r” command.

    But if you can’t start Windows 7 Safe Mode using Command Prompt and want to exit Safe Mode because of a command, what can you do?

    1. Run a command prompt from the Windows 7 computer system recovery options you have already created to enter Windows 7 Safe Mode in method 2.

    3. Restart Windows 7 together with the computer to exit Safe Mode and start it normally.

    Did you successfully enter or exit Safe Mode in Windows 7? If not, take it and try again. When you have successfully exited Windows 7 Safe Mode and need to get your computer into Windows 7 Normal Boot Mode, the correct user account and password are usually critical. True, a password is not needed if you can bypass Windows 7 to connect to the Internet.

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