How To Manage Msconfig Vista Startup Options?

If you have msconfig Vista boot options on your system, we hope this guide will help you.

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    Go to the start menu, type msconfig in the search box and hit enter.Click on one of our initial tabs.Check the “Safe Boot Score” box under Boot Options.Select the “Minimum” radio button for Safe Mode, and it could be “Network” for Safe Mode with Networking.

    The MSCONFIG system configuration device has several options, such asAdjust settings to make changes to how Windows Vista starts. This tool is often usedused to disable or allow the transfer of programs and servicesRun this from Windows. Optimizing the boot process can greatly speed it uptime to boot all PC and save system resources. To account for the instrument, useMSCONFIG command in the Start Search area of ​​the Start menu. WhenWindows has just been reinstalled, several programs or services stop thereforbid. However, it’s still interesting to see if it exists now.some elements are increased for optimization.

    Tab start
    Contribution A “Startup” shows almost every program loadedStart Windows. There are many more programs that host a one-way connection here.Installation procedure to ensure that the (position) program is initially loaded.For each element, you need to determine if it is the only desired behavior. WhenThe program is deactivated, but it is quite possible to activate it again later. if there is yourvirus between the beginning of the elements, in many cases it will be much more active afterstart again. In this task, you first need to stop the virus by ending the processtask manager (press the merge key CTRL-SHIFT-ESC) or viaBoot into MSCONFIG in safe mode (clickF8 key detected while starting Windows).

    In the case above, the security tool was Windows Defender.with special needs. For each item, find out what it was used for before and if it’s important to


    What are the different boot options?

    before the beginningSafe mode.Safe Mode with Networking.Safe mode with command line.Enable boot logging.Enable VGA mode (low resolution video)Last known good configuration option.Debug mode.

    If the startup item is no longer required to start a particular computer,RemovedIt is also possible to change the boot list by simply deleting the registry valuepermanently removed from the registry (seeMSCONFIG Location column). Launch Registry Editor, go toFollow the registry tips below and remove unwanted PC values:
    HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun andRun once
    HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun andRun once

    Permanently delete registry values! Export registry values ​​to a .reg filefirst be able to return to restoring registry values ​​(double visit to the fileImport them into the registry).

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer

  • Services tab
    The Services tab starts services that start immediately.Windows at startup. Most services are needed for Windows, it’s better not to do itchange them. By activating the “Hide all Microsoft Help” option, thisIt turns out (in most cases) the core Microsoft services are hidden (which makes it better).identify unnecessary services). Various appropriate protections (such as antivirusand Software) appear below other services displayedon this tab.It’s really better to keep seeing as best you can. Actually, MSCONFIG will probably bewrong tool to create trigger situations for items on all tabsServices. Using the Service Editor Implication (opened with the SERVICES.MSC command word)Instead of this. Visit the Windows Vista Services Fan Page.for details on services that can be safely disabled.


    Since MSCONFIG is usually not very informative, in some cases it is better to do thisUse the AutoRuns element ( tool gives much more information about auto-run plans (for example,where they can be found in Windows Explorer). Process Tools Explorer (Download:Msconfig Vista-Startoptionen
    Options De Démarrage De Msconfig Vista
    Opciones De Arranque De Msconfig Vista
    Opzioni Di Avvio Di Msconfig Vista
    Msconfig Vista Startalternativ
    Msconfig Vista 부팅 옵션
    Параметры загрузки Msconfig Vista
    Opções De Inicialização Do Msconfig Vista
    Msconfig Vista-opstartopties